• Wire harnesses
Electrical panels

Each stage of the production process of wire harnesses is controlled by means of high quality equipments made in Switzerland, constantly calibrated and overhauled.

Cable Cutter equipment, automatic Jacketing or Stripping machines, machines checked by Software, Dereeler to unroll wires rolls, Hot Marking machines, Inkjet Marking machines, Stacker/Weigh counting machine, Binding Machines to tie wires hankes.

For the stripping of unipolar conductors, we use electrical and electro pneumatic stripping machines that are granting the integrity of copper strand, allowing us to control the process in order to properly prepare the wire for following manufacturing.

Crimping of trailing is made by automatic and semi automatic press for the stripping and crimping of contacts (for example: faston, forks, eyelets, preisolated caps, bare caps, kaimani, Modu2, Modu1, Modu4, JST, Minifit, Microfit, turned trailing, Amp Metrimate, Mini mic, Mate'n lock, Mini pv, Amp innergy, Din Power, Sub-d, Harting contacts, Souriau, ITT-Cannon, Hypertac, Tyco, etc.).

Connector welding is made by professional soldering machines also for cable with reduced section (as awg28 - awg32).

For the identification of wires and cables we have several solutions for their labelling: self-adhesive labels, self-laminating labels, white thermo shrinking sleeves or we are using Hot Marking Machines or Inkjet Marking Machines.

We have several solutions to label wires and cable, for their identification: self-adhesive labels, self-laminating labels, white thermo shrinking sleeves or Hot Marking Machines and Inkjet Marking Machines.

Screwing process when mantling electrical cabinet or covers is made by adjustable electrical instrumentation in order to grant process check.

We are also realizing Insert-moulding or Vulcanization of harnesses, or rather, the personalization of tangs and covers on connectors with different shapes, casting a suitable resin into customized moulds.

For harnesses testing, there are the following possibilities: linear testing tools for harnesses with the option of emitting a Test Report (highlighting diodes and resistance, when present), EST equipments, or rather, to measure dielectric rigidity, insulation and ground conductivity (mod. GPI-745° GW INSTEK); Mantis viewer and electronic microscopes with possibility of shooting videos.

All our product are 100% monitored and tested by means of a continuity analyser through pc or other above-mentioned equipments.