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Verniciatura, saldatura schede elettroniche, cablaggi e montaggi


Valeria Cassioli s.r.l. is a dynamic company established in 1998 as an evolution of a family-run business founded in 1995. During the years we diversified our products and services and, thanks to our experience, nowadays we became leader in the electric, electronics and electromechanical industries.

Our main customers are in fact Railways, Highways, Banks and manufactures of various kind of machineries, all requiring high quality products.

Our laboratory is divided in three main areas:

  • wire production and assembly
  • conformal coating process
  • electronic boards welding area

Since its foundation Valera Cassioli s.r.l. has worked with respect to quality requirements in order to succeed in specific sectors such as Railways and, in June 2000, we became a certified company.

After a checkup inspection on 2010, we obtained the certification Uni En Iso 9001-2008.

Our strenght

Thanks to our professional equipment and tools, combined with the experience and competence of our operators, we are able to keep monitored all the production process.

Our high flexibility allows us to stand out, granting a fast delivery, always in respect to contracts established with our Customers and ready to manage emergency. Our company's organization and policy permits us to always satisfy our Customers working with SAP systems, as well as Foreign Customers.

Our job needs strict cooperation with our customers as well as their trust to have access to documents that are strictly confidential. Confidentiality, seriousness and trust are the basis of our relationship with Customers.

Ethical code